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Mark Weinstein is the founder and president of MJW Investments, which specializes in acquisition, development, and asset management across a diverse billion-dollar portfolio. He’s a respected investor, developer, and philanthropist, and today, he joins us to share his journey. We learn about the strategies he’s used to scale his business and some of the risks and success factors involved in student housing, development, and more.

[00:01] – [04:49] From Law School to Real Estate

  • Mark on convincing his fellow students to buy a property with him
  • He believes real estate will help him make more impact as a philanthropist
  • Going to real estate full time and focusing on great write-offs and great cash flow

[04:50] – [14:08] Growing and Diversifying

  • Creatin go-GP platform for people who are looking to grow
  • Why invest in student housing
    • The formula: best schools always thrive, especially if they are close to campus
    • Renting by the bed instead of by room
  • His experience with a development project that was mothballed for nine years
    • Don’t be distracted by deals you don’t need to be in
    • Be careful with personal guarantees
  • Mark explains why development projects are risky
    • The cost to build is too much
    • You can do a value add play without construction by buying a new product from developers who are exiting early

[14:09] – [15:33]  Lessons on Debt

  • Relationships with different banks are crucial
  • Look for fixed rate loans

[15:34] – [16:49] Closing Segment

  • Reach out to Mark!
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  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes

“I try to take everything I could and invest myself in every deal as much as I possibly could, do as much as I could and share with investors the deals that I thought were safer and grow the company that way.” – Mark Weinstein

“It’s not the money you lose on the deal. It’s the opportunity cost that you lose.” – Mark Weinstein